Kingsway Ministries was established in May 1975 by Pastor Fanie Louw, under an APOSTOLIC MANTLE. Many Pastors were called after Ps Louw to continue with the work of ministry. In 1995 Pastor Peet Roode was called to Kingsway Ministries and served as the senior pastor for 20 years.

In 2015 Dr. Anthony Jacobs was called to come and assist Pastor Peet, at this time Dr. Jacobs and Pastor Roode began with a process of leadership transitioning. In July 2016 Dr. Jacobs stepped into the role of Visionary Leader after Pastor Roode passed the baton over to him. Since then Dr. Jacobs has led the church from greatness to greatness.

In 2017, Dr. Jacobs had an encounter with the Lord while on a ministry trip to Malaysia and felt the Spirit leads him to move the church back from a pastoral church back to an apostolic church (church of Acts), only to sit down with Pastor Louw in 2018 to discover that this, THE APOSTOLIC MINISTRY, to be the redemptive calling of Kingsway Ministries from the start. Kingsway Ministries has since then been actively busy moving from a Pastoral church to an Apostolic church.

Dr. Jacobs is a frontrunner for the Apostolic Movement within the church and he is currently assisting various churches with leadership transitioning, hence his successful transition within Kingsway Ministries.