Dr Anthony Jacobs

Visionary Leader

Chantelle Jacobs

Woman's Ministry

Chantelle Jacobs

Worship Leader

Lovelle and Lollie Heathcote

Senior Citizens

Sojana Haviga

Children's Ministry

Ps Tian le Roux

Elevate Youth

Ps Tian le Roux

Young Adults

Maryanne Verwey

Dance Ministry

Bennie Snyman

Hope Givers

Danie Schoeman


Dr Gerhard Le Roux

Kingsway Academy

Dr Gerhard Le Roux

Courageous Men

Tanya Kleingeld

Admin and Church Communication

Dr Bert Roux

Counseling and Training

Bernadine Janse v Nieuwenhuizen

Production Coordinator

Aubrey and Rika Jacobs

Ministry Team